VideoBot vs. Traffic Geyser: Which Video Uploader Software is the Best?

Here’s the deal, both of these video submission programs essentially do the exact same thing. They bulk upload videos to various video sites in order to grab traffic. Yes, they upload bulk videos, that’s it.

So what’s the big difference between them? Well, there’s 2 major differences. Firstly, VideoBot can spin the Titles and Descriptions in order to prevent bannings and suspicious behavior.

But the ultimate second factor comes down to price.

Videobot: $29.95 (One-Time Payment…You Own the Windows Software)
TrafficGeyser: $100 PER MONTH! (OUCH!)

It’s obvious that Traffic Geyser is hosing their customer’s wallets to death. 🙂

My Winner: VideoBot. Inexpensive, well built software by the guys at Incansoft that gets the job done.

Plus, free updates for life. No brainer.

Get VideoBot here

How to Track Opens/Clicks in Newsletter & Email Campaigns Using Google Analytics

Q: I was wondering if anyone knows a good tutorial on how to track email campaigns on new google analytics system, it says it does it but not clarify at all how to access this feature.I would imagine it is probably through link tracking on the email but it isnt clear where the interface to check the data would appear in google analytics

A:   You are right, it is through link tracking. First, you have to track all the links in your email, like this:


(remember, if you already have a dynamic url and therefore, already have a question mark in the url, you should start with a & sign)

You probably want to replace *spring *with the name of your campaign. You could skip the content part and just make the utm_source=newsletterJune07, depending on how you want to see the data.

Email campaign data will appear in a number of reports, depending on how the links are tagged.

The Traffic Sources > Campaigns report will display the campaign name used in the link tag.

The Traffic Sources > All Traffic Sources will display the source / medium that was used in the link tagging.

You can also choose ‘medium’ from the ‘Show’ drop down box on the All Traffic Sources report. If you’ve used the same medium for your email campaigns (which you should!) then all the traffic from emails will be rolled up into a single line item.

If you’re unfamiliar with link tagging here is a good primer.

Payment Milestones in Graphic Design Contracts

We’re in a situation at the moment where the client surprisingly isn’t terribly fussed about the delivery date of a web project. We are ready to make the site live, they keep saying the cheque’s in the mail, but nothing ever arrives.

How do you create a sense of urgency in a situation where there is none?

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Hey Artists…Stop Asking for Deposits

In this post at Photo District News, it is recommended artists stop using the word “Deposit” in contracts and instead opt for “Retainer”. Needless to say, we’ll be re-wording our contracts soon.

“Never use the word “deposit.” Always, use the word “retainer,” as retainers are non-refundable but in the court of law, deposits in some cases, are refundable. Your clause now gives the bride a bit of wiggle room and [your client] took advantage of it. Also, I require a 50% down payment, and the remaining balance is due three weeks prior to wedding date in full. Your asking for only $500 to book a wedding is not enough as we know that barely covers our costs.”

An Interview with a Creative Director About Resumes, Portfolios, Attitude and Dress Code

Q. Any tips on building a Graphic Design Resume?
A. Go nuts, but keep it professional. There is nothing that Creative Directors hate more than a resume that looks like a comic book. Your portfolio is where you show off your work, not your resume. I would suggest subtle borders and some form of contemporary design.
Good Examples. But these could definitely use a little more flare.
As a Creative Director i have seen some really bad ones, and some very, very good ones. Stick to eye-catching, but not distracting.

Q. What about a well-made CD? Do you dig those at all? Or those cute mini-Cd’s?
A. Mini CDs are great. Keep them “Mini” though. Three words for you: Test, test, Test! Another tip, do not launch full-screen (if using FLASH), it comprimises the integrity of the images and makes the application run choppy. Design to 800X600 or smaller and let the viewer decide if he/she would like to maximize the window.

Q. When an applicant gets chosen and comes in for the interview what convinces you to hire them?
A. Professionalism, ability to listen and execute and the ability to work independently.

Q. Do you prefer digital (web, CD) resumes or paper ones.
A. Paper is good for a quick reference and to pass in front of other peeps, but I primarily use the web-based version, if available.

Q. Do you like to see a diverse resume including Traditional, Digital, Photography, etc or something customized to your company (showing t-shirt designs to a t-shirt company).
A. Diverse? Yes. everything from Illustration to rich-media. this says a lot about the artist’s abilities to visualize and their ability to translate from preliminary mock-ups through production. But yes, you want to include slightly more work geared to the company you are interviewing with.

Q. Does the way they’re dressed matter at all to you? Or do you simply accept their artistic “difference”? (assuming they’re not in shorts and a t-shirt obviously)
A. Yes. remember this in anything that you do: Always look a little nicer than the client – not over-dressed, but just enough to show you have the ability to look presentable in front of a client. No tie, button-down and a dark blue sport coat works very well.

Thanks for the quick interview Tweezer (aka JMSahr from I’ve immortalized my annoying questions…;)