Honda Lacquer Touch-up Pen Paint Tool Instruction Manual & Download

So I purchased a Honda Lacquer Touch-up Paint Tool Pen from Amazon but the instructions were tiny and I could barely read them. So for those of you that can’t read 6pt text, below are the instructions for applying the Honda Lacquer Touch-up Paint Tool pen.

Click Here to Download the Honda Lacquer Touch-Up Paint Instructions as a PDF

ABRASIVE PREP TIP: Use pointed edge to remove loose paint and rust, or the flat face to smooth down edges and clean larger areas.

PAINT PEN: Shake 20-30 seconds to mix paint. Start paint flow by depressing pen tip in an up and down motion on a hard test surface until paint begins to flow. Increase paint flow by depressing pen tip, minimize flow by decreasing pressure.

TO OPEN: Hold container upright, and twist applicator grip counter clockwise for either the paint tip, brush, or top coat applicator. Keep upright when opening.

PAINT APPLICATION: One coat prime and paint formula. Wipe surface with a clean lint·free cloth using rubbing alcohoI to remove oil, wax or grease build·up. Allow 30 minutes dry time for additional paint or top coat.

PAINTBRUSH: Tapered brush for large chips and scratches.

TOPCOAT APPLICATOR: Foam brush for top seal coat.

Honda Lacquer Touch-Up Paint Instructions