Brother HL-2230 Laser Printer Creases & Creasing on Manual Duplex Printing

I have a Brother HL-2230 Laser Printer and I just started printing hundreds of duplex prints for a school project. In case you don’t know, duplex printing is when you’re trying to print on the front and back of one single page. Unfortunately, the pages in my Brother HL-2230 kept getting creases during the printing of the second side and it was ruining my print outs. Well, I finally figured out the solution for preventing the creases on the second side.

How to Manually Print on Both Sides of Paper on Brother HL-2230

brother-duplex-printing-manualBefore I explain the fix, I wanted to explain how to actually print Duplex Prints with a Brother HL-2230. First,  you need to print your first side as usual by indicating the page 1 in the Print settings. Once the print out comes out, just flip the paper over and put it back into the paper tray. Make sure the top edge of the printed text is facing you and facing up. To be clear, imagine you’re handing the printed paper to a friend to read with the text facing away from you. That’s how you want to place it back into the tray. Then print an equal amount of page 2. But before you do the second step…

Brother HL-2230 Laser Printer Duplex Creasing Fix

ice-34075_640So how did I get the printed pages to stop creasing? Simple. I let the first side pages cool down for 20 minutes before putting them back into the paper tray to print the second side. I know this isn’t a good solution for businesses, but it’s working for my family/small business projects just fine.

That’s it! Using this technique, I was able to prevent further creases on my duplex prints using my Brother printer.