Namecheap Advanced DNS Settings for Verifying a Subdomain with Mailgun SPF & DomainKeys

Are you running your DNS on Namecheap’s Advanced DNS Settings? Are you desperately trying to verify your Subdomain at Mailgun with no success? You’re not alone. I was recently able to verify my settings with the help of the this blog post. But I felt a screenshot was necessary to make it easier to understand.

In the screenshot below, use the yellow highlighted entries at Mailgun as the hostnames of your CNAME and TXT entries in your Namecheap Advanced DNS entries.


When you’re at Namecheap, enter them like this. In the example below, my subdomain was called “mail1” so you’ll see it in the screenshot. I’ve typed in the yellow highlights above so you’ll know where they belong.

In case it’s not obvious, replace with the real subdomain and domains you own.


That’s it. Give it several hours to replicate. The domainkey took the longest to update. You can watch DNS propagation in real time at Just type in your subdomains and select CNAME or TXT to see if they’ve propagated.

Once DNS is done, you can check the actual DomainKey and SPF records are live at You should type in the following to check it.


Once that verifies, you’re good to go!