Bright Light Blanket Review

The other night, my son saw a commercial for a Bright Light Blanket. He went nuts. “Can I get a Bright Light Blanket, pleeeeease?!”

Bright List Blanket Review: The Beginning

It all started with the Bright Light Pillow. My son also saw that commercial and went nuts for that first. I finally caved in when I saw it at Walmart. I don’t like dealing with phone orders and upsells so Walmart was a welcome sight. I knew if the Bright Light pillow busted, I could return it to Walmart within the 90 day period. So I invested in it since my son was desperate for this toy.

He loved it. It turns off after 15 minutes at night and he thinks it’s magical. I didn’t like it because it was really, really bright during those 15 minutes. He didn’t mind so we dealt with it. But what about a Bright Light Blanket?

Bright List Blanket Review: The Recall

The first thing that scared me was the Bright Light Blanket Recall back in March. Apparently these blankets were burning little kids fingers because the battery compartment got so hot. They’ve since fixed the issue and replaced the older models for new and improved models but still, it’s a scary thought.

Bright List Blanket Review: Should You Get It?

So should I buy the Bright Light Blanket? I don’t know. The recalls worry me. But more importantly, these things break very easily. Until it becomes readily available at Walmart, I won’t go near it. If I can’t return this thing with a 90 day window, I really don’t want to lose out on $49.99.

If you’ve bought a Bright Light Blanket, let me know in the comments below what it’s like!