Office365 Isn’t Compatible With Office 2003 – The TLS Security Loophole

I’ll make this short and sweet. Office365 does not work with Office 2003. It never will. It can’t be hacked. It can’t be fixed. This is because Office365 requires that SMTP traffic travel with TLS security. Guess what? Office 2003 doesn’t support TLS and there aren’t any hotfixes for it either. So, if you’re receiving the following error:

“Task ‘ – Sending ‘reported error (0x800ccc78) “Unable to send the message. Please verify the e-mail address in your account properties. The server responded: 530 5.7.1 Client was not authenticated.”

outlook 2003 office365 530 5.7.1 error

Just give up. You must upgrade to Office 2007 or Office 2010 to work with Office365. Welcome to the future of old software.

If you don’t believe me, here’s the quote straight from Microsoft:

Hello Netbuddy,

Learning from the engineer in our product team, Outlook 2003 was designed and built for an environment where servers are maintained locally within an organization and not part of a cloud service. Outlook 2003 does not support features and functionality that depend on the re-architected identity infrastructure and newer server architecture available in Office 365. Given these changes, Outlook 2003 cannot provide an acceptable end-user experience when connected to Office 365.

To work well with Office 365 (Exchange Online), please update the Outlook client to Outlook 2007 Sp2 or Outlook 2010 first and connect to Exchange Online again. For more information about system requirement for Office 365, please refer to article below.

Software requirements for Office 365

Thank you.

Jack Sun

How to Embed Podcast Images and Cover Art Using iTunes

When you look at the iTunes Store page for your podcast you see the podcast image (if there is one) you have referenced in your feed file. However, when you subscribe to a podcast and select an episode you don’t see an image. Or worse yet, it’s showing the wrong frame from a video.

This is because the display is for ‘cover art’ belonging to the individual episode rather than the entire podcast. The artwork for this is embedded in the audio file rather than referenced in the feed file.

To embed an image in an audio file: having created an image (ideally 600×600):

  1. Open iTunes. In the sidebar, under ‘Library’, click ‘Music’. It’s probably best to select the list view from the buttons at top right.
  2. Locate your podcast mp3 file and drag it into this list: it will be copied in.
  3. Select it and hit command-i (control-i on Windows) or choose ‘Get info’ from the File menu. Select the ‘Artwork’ tab at the top of the pane which opens.
  4. Drag your image to the space. Click ‘OK’, and when you play the track you should see the artwork.