Phanfare Review and Discount Code

I’m an actual user over at Phanfare. I’ve been using the service for the past 5 years and wanted to comment on it’s benefits.
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Phanfare iPhone App

The first thing I love about Phanfare is it’s iPhone App. The Phanfare iPhone App lets you take photos and videos that immediately upload to your service. It also allows you to upload existing movies and photos from your Camera Roll. You can actually select individual photos, the entire album…or just the newest photos that haven’t been uploaded yet. The upload starts via 3G or Wifi (depending on how you’re connected). Since my iPhone is always with me, I find myself taking more and more photos with it…so the App is a FREE blessing in disguise.

This is also useful when traveling abroad. Once you have WiFi access, you can instantly share your travel experiences with family and friends back home. This let’s you clear up camera storage for more movies and photos.

Phanfare Unlimited Upload for Videos and Photos

Next up…unlimited storage for videos and photos. You can’t go wrong here. I’ve had 2 personal hard drives (internal and external) die within the past 8 years. Thankfully, all my photos were stored safely and securely on Phanfare’s servers. I usually upload videos from my Flip Ultra and also from my Canon SD750 camera. All of them look great online and it’s easy to share the movies privately with family. Which brings me to the next point:

Phanfare Privacy

You can make your photos and videos as accessible or private as you want. You can even control access on a folder by folder basis. Perfect for keeping things organized between various family members. After all, your brother may not care about those photos of last night’s dinner…but your mom certainly will. You can also allow your family (or anyone else) to download originals for printing. This makes it easy to deal with multiple relatives that want copies of your son’s graduation. 😉

Phanfare Discount Code

I give Phanfare a solid 2-Thumbs Up. I can’t recommend this service enough. You can use coupon GCAZ80HBA3 during signup to get 20% off the Regular, Pro or Premium service. Or simply click here.