Brookstone Remote Pillow Does Not Work with Comcast DTA DC50XU

Comcast Cable BoxWe have Comcast digital cable (everyone does now). We have 2 types of digital cable boxes in the house. The first box is the “big” box. It uses a “big” silver remote with the OnDemand button.

The pillow remote works perfectly with this box. It also worked perfectly with our Insignia 40′ plasma. Even the Input button worked which made us very happy.

The 2nd cable box is “small” and it has a tiny plastic remote. Comcast calls these the Digital Transformer Adapters. They’re used to give you the barebones, basic channels. You see, when Comcast changed to Digital and dropped analog, they gave each household 2 of these free since we can no longer plug cable directly into the TV anymore. These small cable adapters were created to satisfy the simple people like us. These small Comcast cable boxes have the following Model number on the bottom: DC50XU. After considerable research, I found out they’re made by a company called Pace.

This pillow remote DOES NOT work properly with the DC50XU. Allow me to explain. Only one code works. It’s 4087. When programmed, the Brookstone pillow remote works oddly. To be accurate, only 4 buttons work. “Vol-” will increase the volume. “Mute” will decrease the volume. “Channel-” acts like Channel+ on speed (you can never stop on the right channel). Finally, “Go Back” takes you into some kind of Pace device config menu you can’t even access with the regular remote.

Since I wanted to use this remote with a DC50XU TV, I’ll be returning it. I’ll keep the 2nd one for use in the living room with the “Big” box.

I’m conflicted with a rating. It works fine in the living room but isn’t compatible with these “extremely popular” Comcast cable box devices. I’ll leave it at 3 stars for now. If they decide to update the code database, I may revisit this remote for the other rooms.

Brookstone…get on it!