VideoBot vs. Traffic Geyser: Which Video Uploader Software is the Best?

Here’s the deal, both of these video submission programs essentially do the exact same thing. They bulk upload videos to various video sites in order to grab traffic. Yes, they upload bulk videos, that’s it.

So what’s the big difference between them? Well, there’s 2 major differences. Firstly, VideoBot can spin the Titles and Descriptions in order to prevent bannings and suspicious behavior.

But the ultimate second factor comes down to price.

Videobot: $29.95 (One-Time Payment…You Own the Windows Software)
TrafficGeyser: $100 PER MONTH! (OUCH!)

It’s obvious that Traffic Geyser is hosing their customer’s wallets to death. 🙂

My Winner: VideoBot. Inexpensive, well built software by the guys at Incansoft that gets the job done.

Plus, free updates for life. No brainer.

Get VideoBot here

How to Fix Freezing, Unresponsive iPhone

More iPhone drama. After updating my iPhone to 3.1, I started experiencing a freezing iPhone every so often. It really does freeze, by the way. No attempt to hold any button will bring it back. The iPhone becomes completey inresponsive with a silent, black screen.

The good news: there’s a way to get the phone to work again.

The bad news: it won’t fix the bug itself.

To get your iPhone working again, do this: hold down the power button and home button together for around 10 seconds. This will reboot the iPhone without losing any data. Do this everytime your iPhone freezes up and you’ll be ok.

Good luck.