Getting Joomla Permissions to Work on a Dedicated or VPS Server (LiquidWeb)

Can’t upload files using manager? Maybe you can’t change the configuration.php file or Global Configuration in the backed. If this is happening to you, permissions may be to blame. If you’ve CHMOD’d everything correctly and you’re still getting trouble, then you may have Group permission problems.

This happened to me on LiquidWeb. Basically, I was moving my site and FTP’ing Joomla files from another server but LiquidWeb was not assigning the “nobody” group to them. This made my Joomla Administrator backend untouchable. Below is the way to fix it.

SSH in as root. Then run the following commands.

cd /home/your_account/public_html
chown your_account:nobody configuration.php
chmod g+w configuration.php
chgrp nobody administrator/backups
chgrp nobody administrator/components
chgrp nobody administrator/modules
chgrp nobody administrator/templates
chgrp nobody cache
chgrp nobody components
chgrp nobody images
chgrp nobody images/banners
chgrp nobody images/stories
chgrp nobody language
chgrp nobody mambots
chgrp nobody mambots/content
chgrp nobody mambots/editors
chgrp nobody mambots/editors-xtd
chgrp nobody mambots/search
chgrp nobody mambots/system
chgrp nobody media
chgrp nobody modules
chgrp nobody templates
chmod g+w administrator/backups
chmod g+w administrator/components
chmod g+w administrator/modules
chmod g+w administrator/templates
chmod g+w cache
chmod g+w components
chmod g+w images
chmod g+w images/banners
chmod g+w images/stories
chmod g+w language
chmod g+w mambots
chmod g+w mambots/content
chmod g+w mambots/editors
chmod g+w mambots/editors-xtd
chmod g+w mambots/search
chmod g+w mambots/system
chmod g+w media
chmod g+w modules
chmod g+w templates

Basically, I changed into the directory of the web site. Then I changed the owner to ‘your_account’ and the group to ‘nobody’ for the configuration.php file. Then I made sure that configuration.php was writable by group with the last command. The rest fixes the group ownership and permissions explicitly for the functionality of Joomla.