How to Track Opens/Clicks in Newsletter & Email Campaigns Using Google Analytics

Q: I was wondering if anyone knows a good tutorial on how to track email campaigns on new google analytics system, it says it does it but not clarify at all how to access this feature.I would imagine it is probably through link tracking on the email but it isnt clear where the interface to check the data would appear in google analytics

A:   You are right, it is through link tracking. First, you have to track all the links in your email, like this:


(remember, if you already have a dynamic url and therefore, already have a question mark in the url, you should start with a & sign)

You probably want to replace *spring *with the name of your campaign. You could skip the content part and just make the utm_source=newsletterJune07, depending on how you want to see the data.

Email campaign data will appear in a number of reports, depending on how the links are tagged.

The Traffic Sources > Campaigns report will display the campaign name used in the link tag.

The Traffic Sources > All Traffic Sources will display the source / medium that was used in the link tagging.

You can also choose ‘medium’ from the ‘Show’ drop down box on the All Traffic Sources report. If you’ve used the same medium for your email campaigns (which you should!) then all the traffic from emails will be rolled up into a single line item.

If you’re unfamiliar with link tagging here is a good primer.