SEO Friendly Redirect on a Single Page in IIS

If you’re changing the internal structure of your website or simply putting up a new site with different pages (i.e. oldpage.html is becoming newpage.asp), then IIS can redirect the old pages to the new one on a page-by-page basis. And it will do it correctly using a 301 Response so search engines will update their records accordingly without penalizing you.

Instructions to Redirect Single Pages in IIS

  1.  Open up IIS on the server
  2. Open up the Website on the left pane
  3. Right Click the page you want to change on the right pane and select Properties
  4. Select “A Redirection to a URL”
  5. Check “The exact URL entered above” and “A permanent redirection to this resource”.
  6. Enter the full URL to the new website page (i.e.
  7. Press OK. You’re done.
  8. Test the page. You may have to restart IIS or the website for changes to take effect.

How to Insert Bulk States and Sub-Categories in PHP Link Directory

The code below saved me hours. It lets you insert all the US states under a Parent category. This works with 3.2.0. Explanations of what you need to change are below.

  • If you’re inserting a sub-category, the parent-category-url needs to be the URL Title of the Parent Category. (i.e. parent is web-hosting, then it will be ‘web-hosting/alaska/’). If this is top level, then delete all instances of ‘parent-category-url/’ leaving it as ‘alaska/’.
  • Description is self-explanatory.
  • 999 will be the Parent_id. Replace yours as needed. If it’s Top level, this should be 0
  • Don’t Touch the 2! That means it’s active.
  • Last thing. VERY IMPORTANT. Did you notice I started with 3 in the first parentheses? Then it increments afterward. That’s because I had 2 categories already created in the database. If you have 5 categories already listed, you need to start from 6! If you have none, start from 1. That’s about the only tedious work you’ll need to do. Sorry….but no way around it.

The rest of the zeros should be modded by hand if you are tweaking seo on a category-by-category basis.

FYI….a free text editor like EditPad Lite does wonders for quick Find and Replace stuff like this.

Good luck. Code is below for MySQL. Continue reading “How to Insert Bulk States and Sub-Categories in PHP Link Directory”