Motorola Ming: Cingular Wireless Settings for MMS and MediaNET

Go to the setup setting from the Menu > Data Networks > click on the tab with the three bars to make a “new” network, then put this in:

Profile Name: Cingular
GPRS setting:
APN: wap.cingular
Time Out: Off
Primary Gateway IP:
Port: 9201
Secondary Gateway IP: LEAVE BLANK
CSD setting:BLANK
Dial in number NONE
Query at Logon: (NO CHECK MARK)
User Name
Baud Rate Auto
Line Type: ISDN
Time Out Off
DNS Server:

Save the settings, when you wanna connect online, you have to go back here and hit the “connect” tab, don’t forget to turn it off when done.

Then go to your browser, press the tab with the three lines>set up>profiles>then you hit the tab with the three lines and create a “new”

Profile Name: MEdia Net
Homepage: device.home
Network Link: Cingular
Save it and choose this one to be the default, dont’t forget to save.

These are my setting and they work fine. Also to set up MMS, be sure to enter these settings (Courtesy of Bruceleroy):

Go to your envelope for the sms and mms text>click the tab with the three lines to service setup>multimedia message>default profile, you edit this.

MMS Settings:
Profile Name: MMS over HTTP
MMSC: http : // (No Spaces)
Max Sending Size: 30K
Network Profile: Cingular

I hope this helps you.

I guess when we get in this far, we can choose what page we want to make our homepage when we get, or the media net website for us will automatically be in place, you have to log in to = media net from a computer, you have to set this up with a media bundle, I think you can do it without signing up for a feature, but with all the KB usage, you might as well.
Test by sending a mms from your phone to your phone, in that way you know if it can send and recieve.

Motorola Ming: How to Cut and Paste Text

The Motorola Ming does have a cut n paste feature although the manual mentions nothing about it.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Select the text by pressing and dragging from leftside to right side of text.
  2. Then press and hold on text, squares should form around where you pressed and eventually a menu will appear.
  3. Select cut.
  4. Then press and hold where you want the text to be when the menu appears, select paste
  5. Done!