Find the Sweet Spot of a Len’s Aperture


Does f-stop matter when shooting subjects at a distance of infinity when there is a lot of light? What aperature should someone have when they are taking a picture of, say, a mountain in the distance and the foreground is already at the furthest focus distance? I tend to have a habit of opening my aperature as far as it will go so that I have more light and I can therefore use the fastest shutter and avoid camera shake. I’ve read that shooting with low f-stops gives poorer quality and that f8 is around ideal. Should I always instead be shooting at the highest f-stop allowable under my particular light conditions to get the highest quality shot? This is also considering that everything is at infinity and I’m not looking for a blurred depth of field effect.

I understand aperature in situations of low light or portraits when i want some of the photo blurred. I just dont know how to use it when everything is at infinity and there is enough light to shoot at most levels of aperature.

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