Wacom Graphire vs. Aiptek Hyperpen Review

A mighty fine review comparing the Aiptek Hyperpen to the Wacom Graphire…

The Aiptek.
Some people have told me that they had bad luck with these things. I have had mine for almost 2 years running on WinXP and Win2000 and no trouble until I broke it. It usually costs around $100 and I would recommend buying one somewhere you could return it or replace it if it were bad.
-Very cheap, only about $100
-Very high resolution on the sensor pad. Great for fine detail work without having to zoom in.
-The transparent surface flips right up for easy access.
-Function buttons on the pad itself, similar to the more expensive wacom intuous brand.
-512 levels of sensitivity that’s adjustable.Cons:
-Less programmable buttons on the pen. For instance you don’t have the cool pop up menu thingy.
-You have to replace the single AAA battery in the pen and mouse. It lasts quite awhile but it’s still a drag making the pen a little thicker and heavier.
-Pen doesn’t have the eraser function on the opposite end like the wacom pen does.

The Wacom.
I’ve really liked the Wacom ever since I’ve bought it. It draws as smoothly as the higher resolution Aiptek tablet. The pen is thinner and lighter and it comes with this cute little pen holder. My other pen just rolled around on the desk and onto the floor most of the time.

-512 pressure levels that is adjustable.
-Pen has eraser function on the opposite end.
-No battery in the pen and mouse make it thinner and lighter.
-Tablet base is smaller, stronger and heavier. Has a nice feel to it (tho I still don’t know if it could take me rolling my chair over it).
-Additional button configurations include the popup menu thingy which is really cool. Haven’t used it yet or had a reason too, but I’m sure I will later.
-Doesn’t have the function keys on the tablet that I keep hitting by accident.

-The biggest complaint is that the resolution is not as high, only about 65% of the resolution of the Aiptek. If you want to do fine detail work, you must zoom in. No way around that. However, it still remains very smooth while painting and drawing.
-No function keys on the tablet pad
-Costs twice as much as the similar Aiptek tablet.

The Aiptek and Wacom draw nearly exactly the same. Using them both, I couldn’t tell the difference if blindfolded. The Wacom pen is smaller and lighter which is nice, but the Aiptek has a higher resolution which helps to keep from zooming in to do any detail work. The Wacom costs twice as much as the similar Aiptek, but has lots of nice features and additional niceties including the eraser function which I am starting to like alot.

So if you want to paint or draw on your computer with a budget in mind, the Aiptek is the way to go. It draws just as well as the wacom and seems to have a good endurance. If you want to step up into a more luxurious model then you should go with the Wacom. It costs more, but like the saying goes…. “you get what you pay for”. The wacom really pampers you, if a tablet can actually do that.”

-This was originally published by Puffnasty at Worth1000.

I personally have and use an Aiptek hyperpen 12000U and love it. It’s been good to me for quite a while, the battery in the pen lasts super long and it’s extremely responsive. At this level, I’ll only upgrade to an Intuos or a Cintiq.